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BUSI 310 Test 3 Liberty University Complete Answers
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BUSI 310 Test 3 Liberty University Complete Answers

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A(n) _____ refers to a situation wherein workers go on strike to compel employers to agree to their terms.

A difference between entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs is

The difference between the transaction fee and intermediary models of e-commerce is that the transaction fee model charges a fee

The final stage in the human resources planning process involves

Gerard realizes that the availability of appliances with embedded computer chips is low in the market. Hence, he uses this lucrative opportunity and sets up a store that sells appliances with embedded computer chips exclusively. Which of the following is Gerard engaging in?

In a performance test, the test taker

In the _____ approach to corporate innovation, risk takers are not punished for taking risks and failing—their former jobs are held for them.

In the context of entrepreneurship, a(n) _____ focuses on an entire venture and describes all the elements involved in starting it.

In the context of human resources management, the planning stage involves

In the context of human resources management, the programming stage involves

In the context of incentive systems, _____ reward employees for increasing productivity or saving money in areas under their direct control.

In the context of key planning elements, which of the following is true of what venture capital firms consider important for an entrepreneurial venture?

In the context of selection methods, which of the following is true of personality tests?

In the organizational approach of _____, the emphasis is on quality, speed, and flexibility more than on cost, efficiency, and hierarchy.

_____ involves creating new systems, resources, or processes to produce new goods or services and/or serve new markets.

_____ is a competitive advantage in the form of relationships with other people and the image other people have of an entrepreneur.

______ is an entrepreneurial alliance between an innovator who has created at least one successful store and wants to grow and a partner who manages a new store of the same type in a new location.

_________ is the tendency of an organization to identify and capitalize successfully on opportunities to launch new ventures by entering new or established markets with new or existing goods or services.

Legitimacy in the minds of the public increases the probability of success of a new business by

The sale to the public, for the first time, of federally registered and underwritten shares of stock in a company is called a(n)

Samuel is an entrepreneur who specializes in processing techniques for high-end photography enthusiasts. In his organization, there are few rules and formal procedures, and the staff tends to make their own decisions. Samuel's operation is best described as a

To meet the medical needs of a growing population of aged people, there has been an increase in entrepreneurial ventures specific for different medical problems of the aged. Which of the following types of opportunity does this exemplify?

What is the role of business incubators?

What is the role of the economic environment in the success of entrepreneurial ventures?

When delegating work responsibilities to a subordinate, a manager should delegate any

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BUSI 310 Test 3 Liberty University Complete Answers
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Advocates of QWL claim that it improves organizational effectiveness and productivity. The need for achievement is important for leaders and managers in all of the following countries except Japan A is an organization skilled at creating, acquiring, and transferring knowledge as well as at modifying its behavior to reflect new knowledge and insights. learning organization A organization is one in which top management ensures that there is co...
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