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BUSI 310 Test 1 Liberty University Complete Answers
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BUSI 310 Test 1 Liberty University Complete Answers

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  • _____ is specifying the goals to be achieved and deciding in advance the appropriate actions needed to achieve those goals.
  • Synthesis Inc. periodically reviews the goals of the company. During the process, the managers of the company analyze their current strategies as compared to their competitors’ strategies, determine goals that they will pursue, and decide upon specific actions for each area of the company to take in pursuit of these goals. With these actions, the managers are engaged in the management function of
  • When Alex, the marketing manager of Hartwell Inc., realized that his plan to increase sales levels was not producing the results he desired, he took quick action to make necessary adjustments. According to this scenario, Alex was exercising the management function of
  • _____ involves monitoring performance and making necessary changes.
  • Through careful monitoring of the financial budget of a firm, managers can detect potential problems in reaching their financial goals and take actions to reverse the problem. This is an example of the management function of
  • DesignIt!, a fashion company, has plans to be the sales leader in women's fashion. To achieve this goal the CEO has analyzed the current situation and determined objectives and resources. What planning activities still need to be completed?
  • _______ is coordinating the human, financial, physical, informational, and other resources.
  • To become an effective manager, one should choose _____ of the four management functions and commit one hundred percent.
  • ________ are senior executives responsible for the overall management and effectiveness of an organization.
  • CEO, president, COO, and vice president are all titles typical of which level of management?

Archer Inc. recently embarked on an effort to increase coordination and cooperation within the company. During the process, the managers of the organization reviewed and specified job responsibilities, grouped jobs into work units, and reallocated resources within the company. The managers were exercising the management function of

_____ is assembling and coordinating the human, financial, physical, informational, and other resources needed to achieve goals.

Building a dynamic organization is the goal of which function of management?

What will be the result when managers use new forms of organizing?

As one of the key management functions, leading focuses on a manager's efforts to


_____ managers are typically concerned with the interaction between an organization and its external environment.

37. Which type of manager is responsible for translating the general goals and plans developed for an organization into more specific activities?

38. Middle-level managers are often referred to as ______ managers.

39. As a manager at Carrel Corp., Derek spends much of his time coaching young managers and making sure that any required information reaches all the branches for them to be successful. Derek would best be described as a(n)

40. ______ are lower-level managers who supervise the operational activities of an organization.

41. Managers responsible for supervising the operations of an organization are referred to as ________ managers.

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BUSI 310 Test 1 Liberty University Complete Answers
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• Question 1 2 out of 2 points Henry Mintzberg determined that there were ten managerial roles could be categorized as interpersonal, informational, or decisional. Selected Answer: True • Question 2 In a divisional structure 2 out of 2 points Selected Answer: • Question 3 Groups employees together ...
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