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CCOU 202 Exam 3 Liberty University Complete Answers
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CCOU 202 Exam 3 Liberty University Complete Answers

The below shown questions is just one version sample.
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Question 1

Discipline is about the person.

Question 2

Assessment of sexual issues is similar to an assessment of depression or anxiety.

Question 3

Biological parenting usually backfires in stepfamilies.

Question 4

Children are no different from adults when it comes to fearing and being adversely affected by trauma.

Question 5

Grief is which type of response?

Question 6

Crabb proposes that the deep wounds of the soul cannot be healed in the context of biblically based church communities because of the church’s emphasis on deep, personal relationships.

Question 7

Which of the following terms is defined as “the capacity for taking in data through the senses”?

Question 8

Gottman’s Four Horses are:

Question 9

Confidentiality in a counseling session typically cannot be promised to a minor.

Question 10

Couples live largely in response to their circumstances in the second half of marriage.

Question 16

In certain situations it is appropriate for a counselor to discuss his/her own sexual counter transference with his/her clients.

Question 17

Which of the following is the correct order for the Compulsive Overeating Cycle?

Question 18

Which of the following are the components of the DEC‑R model?

Question 19

Which of the following is not one of the four classifications of lay counseling models?

Question 20

Christian lay helping should only be evaluated from a biblical perspective.

Question 23

The model that a child develops about a parent is ultimately the model that they are bent toward when viewing God.

Question 24

Problem feelings are usually due to problem behavior and problem thinking.

Question 25

Prayer must always be done verbally with a client in each Christian Counseling session.

Question 26

The “D” in the BAD acrostic stands for which of the following?

Question 27

Play therapy focuses on the nature of the child’s problem.

Question 33

While marriage enrichment is generally effective, there is a ceiling effect with enrichment couples.

Question 34

What is the third step in ethical decision‑making according to the ACA?

Question 35

Past marriages can have negative effects on current marriages if safeguards are not developed.

Question 36

Which of the following is not one of the three major models of service delivery?

Question 37

It is important for a counselor to become desensitized to sexual topics when counseling clients about sexual thoughts, hopes, and fears.

Question 38

Which of the following cannot eventuate in soul murder?

Question 39

According to the course lectures, older adults are given more opportunities to participate in family decisions, communities, and churches.

Question 40

Marriage enrichment interventions attempt to do which of the following?

Question 41

Grief does not affect the physical aspect of a person, only the emotional, psychological, and spiritual aspects.

Question 45

Trust is the essence of the counseling/helping relationship. Trust should be developed in which three areas?

Question 49

Bulimia is an intense fear of weight gain.

Question 50

According to the course lectures, what percentage of divorced persons will remarry?

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CCOU 202 Exam 3 Liberty University Complete Answers
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