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CCOU 202 Exam 2 Liberty University Complete Answers
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CCOU 202 Exam 2 Liberty University Complete Answers

The below shown questions is just one version sample.
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Question 1

According to Dr. May, which is the best way to expand the client’s experience in counseling?

Question 2

Clinical depression is not solely a sign of personal weakness or a spiritual issue.

Question 3

People come to counseling because

Question 4

Which characterizes the beginning stage of counseling?

Question 5

A good plan is always developing, changing, and maturing.

Question 6

What is the first rule of professional ethical conduct for Christian counselors?

Question 7

Goals in counseling should be:

Question 8

Which is not an objective for the first counseling session?

Question 9

Which is not a physical symptom of stress?

Question 10

The clinical interview is the most common assessment tool used by most all therapists.

Question 11

According to Ron Hawkins, care seekers believe that God:

Question 12

One of the main goals of the first counseling session is to:

Question 13

Which is not an example of a drug type?

Question 18

The overarching goal of counseling is to help people _____.

Question 19

Small changes often lead to:

Question 20

Which of the following is achieved through clinical assessment?

Question 21

Which is not a mental illness at risk for violence?

Question 22

Which type of question asks the client to imagine a future in which the problem has been solved?

Question 23

Empathic listening and validation of the client’s feelings are essential therapist actions in counseling.

Question 24

Which is not an issue that impacts treatment in psychotherapy?

Question 25

Which of these is one of the 3 questions that will help clients examine their thoughts?

Question 26

Entropy as it relates to counseling is the tendency to keep going even when no results are evident.

Question 27

Asking questions, observation, and assessment are all ways therapists gather information about their clients.

Question 28

The options of medication, treatment from a physician, and counseling should all be used in the treatment of panic disorder.

Question 29

Checklists and questionnaires are non‑standardized tools that can provide useful information about a client in a particular area.

Question 30

Discussing the client’s resistance in a humorous way is one way to overcome resistance in the counseling process.

Question 35

Magnification involves “making a mountain out of a molehill.”

Question 36

Which is not a cognitive distortion?

Question 37

The twelve‑step treatment process for alcohol abuse is biblically based.

Question 38

The “H” in the BECHRISTLIKE acronym stands for which of the following?

Question 39

According to Dr. Hart, which is often a trigger for those with intermittent explosive disorder?

Question 43

A complete DSM diagnosis is characterized by how many axes?

Question 44

Which is true concerning homework as it relates to counseling?

Question 45

Which of the following helps to enhance the brain’s natural tranquilizers?

Question 46

Which are two basic types of ethics in counseling?

Question 47

Which is not a foundational aspect of counseling?

Question 48

Phobias are the most common type of anxiety.

Question 49

Which is not a type of questioning in counseling?

Question 50

At the end of counseling, which of the following occurs?

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[Solved] CCOU 202 Exam 2 Liberty University Complete Answers
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Question 1 2.5 out of 2.5 points Values pertain to attitudes and beliefs that provide direction to everyday living. Selected Answer: True Question 2 2.5 out of 2.5 points The options of medication, treatment from a physician, and counseling should all be used in the treatment of panic d...
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