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CCOU 202 Exam 1 Liberty University Complete Answers
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CCOU 202 Exam 1 Liberty University Complete Answers

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Question 1

Spiritual disciplines are:

Question 2

According to Friesen, the “bulls-eye approach” to knowing God’s will theorizes:

Question 3

Training involves you arranging your life around particular practices that empower you to do what you now cannot do by direct effort.

Question 4

Which is not a basic principle of behavioral change?

Question 5

SOLER stands for:

Question 6

The A-B-C process in cognitive therapy stands for:

Question 7

Eclectic means “drawn from many sources.”

Question 8

When did evil come into the world?

Question 9

Jesus not only listened to the Father, but He spent time alone with the Father.

Question 10

The goal of Christian counseling is:

Question 11

The prefrontal cortex controls:

Question 12

According to Dr. Clinton, salvation is both the end and the means to therapeutic change in Christian counseling.

Question 13

Hurting people are suffering from emotional and relational wounds.

Question 14

Which is not a spiritual discipline?

Question 15

Which is not an important quality of an effective counselor?

Question 16

Satan is considered the accuser and the enemy.

Question 17

The “therapeutic triad” or “golden triad” consists of warmth, genuineness, and honesty.

Question 18

All Christian counselors should see themselves as an apprentice to Christ.

Question 19

Mood stabilizers are used to treat bipolar disorder.

Question 20

Clinton and Ohlschlager hold that the Church:

Question 24

The spirit of idolatry is looking to someone else or something else other than God for fulfillment.

Question 25

A cause of bondage is habituated thoughts rooted in error.

Question 26

What needs to be focused on in order to help people change?

Question 27

Homework outside of counseling promotes growth in between sessions.

Question 28

It is possible for a counselor to be empathetic without being a good listener.

Question 29

Second to client variables, the best predictor of effective psychotherapy is:

Question 30

Pnematology is the doctrine of:

Question 31

Most people do not want to change because:

Question 32

Which is not an internal transformation?

Question 33

Which is not involved in spiritual warfare?

Question 34

According to the Horton article, Friesen states that the “way of wisdom” approach utilizes:

Question 35

When we are angry or anxious we are sometimes tempted to do which of the following?

Question 41

According to Clinton and Ohlschlager, effective Christian counselors must combine empirically supported treatment approaches with Christian spiritual formation.

Question 42

Christian soul care is a journey characterized by:

Question 43

The most effective counselors are those who

Question 44

Acknowledging a crisis is a critical step towards real change.

Question 45

Christians can lose their sense of experiencing God as their “first love” in the midst of the routines of the Christian life.

Question 46

The highest calling is conforming to the image of the Church.

Question 47

Which is not true of the three levels of goals in counseling?

Question 48

Change is an incremental, slow process.

Question 49

A habit is an example of an external transformation.

Question 50

What needs to happen in order to achieve real change?

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CCOU 202 Exam 1 Liberty University Complete Answers
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