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THEO 104 Quiz 6 Liberty University Complete Answers
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THEO 104 Quiz 6 Liberty University Complete Answers

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According to the textbook, conversion rests closely upon theses two acts. 

Which form of salvation is emphasized in the New Testament? 

Which of the following is NOT a spiritual discipline? 

Regeneration is different from conversion because regeneration is a conscious act of repentance toward God and faith in Jesus, and conversion is an unconscious transformation brought about by the Holy Spirit. 

Which of the following did Jesus use as an analogy of regeneration? 

The doctrine of Justification is a point of disagreement between whom? 

Justification is God crediting a person the righteousness earned by Christ 

Means “to buy back.” 

What passage of Scripture is used by the authors in which Paul admonishes believers to live a life of holiness and righteousness? 

How does a Christian possess assurance of their salvation? 

No person currently possesses ultimate salvation 

What is the primary role of the Holy Spirit? 

The textbook says that romans 8:29-30 suggests what about salvation? 

Salvation is primarily a work of human will rather than a work of God 

According to 1 John 2:19, some believers who leave the faith, never truly had faith. 

Salvation is something that God . 

Which of the following terms fits this definition: “To set one’s destiny ahead of time”? 

means that God chooses individual for salvation without considering what the person has done or will do. 

Which of the following terms fits the definition: “To know ahead of an event”? 

Which one of the following Old Testament characters is a specific example of election given in the textbook? 

According to Chapter 26 of Everyday Theology, one main theme of the Old Testament is . 

According to the textbook, the first great act of salvation is . 

The doctrine of election is not clearly taught in the Bible 

Repentance is defined as “a change in one’s mindset.” 

In what famous passage does Jesus talk about regeneration? 

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THEO 104 Quiz 6 Liberty University Complete Answers
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• Question 1 For many people salvation is something they have done. Selected Answer: True • Question 2 In chapter 3, Paul recounts his "righteousness" according to his own abilities. Selected Answer:...
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