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BUSI 313 Quiz 4 Liberty University Complete Answers
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BUSI 313 Quiz 4 Liberty University Complete Answers


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Question 1 Disadvantages of outsourcing project work may likely include all of the following EXCEPT

Question 2 Experience indicates that co­location of project teams is not worth the extra costs.

Question 3 When using the partnering approach to manage contracted relationships, each party's goals and objectives are similar but geared to what is best for them.

Question 4 Which of the following is true in regard to negotiation when managing projects?

Question 5 Principled negotiation emphasizes developing win/win solutions while protecting yourself against those who would take advantage of your forthrightness. Which of the following is NOT one of the key points of principled negotiation?

Question 6 A partnering charter states the common goals for the project as well as the procedures that will be used to achieve these goals.

Question 7 What does the acronym BATNA stand for?

Question 8 When considering principled negotiation, both buyers and sellers relying on the blue book to establish price parameters of a used car would be an example of

Question 9 Jessica just received the following information on her project: PV = 200, EV = 300, AC = 250, BAC = 1500, EAC = 1208. In terms of cost at completion.

Question 10 Which of the following is NOT true regarding scope creep?

Question 11 Because of their easy­to­understand visual format, tracking Gantt charts are the most favored, used, and understandable option for reporting project status.

Question 12 The cost variance for a project is calculated by

Question 13 A ___________ Gantt chart is a simple and effective way to depict progress on a project.

Question 14 A project control system allows for comparing actual performance against plan to identify deviations; however, the system doesn't impact the quality of communication between stakeholders.

Question 15 Which of the following are required to assess the current status of a project using the earned­value cost/schedule system?

Question 19 In organizations where projects are managed within a ____________, the team member's area manager, not the project manager, is responsible for assessing performance.

Question 20 Which part of the final report is designed to be the most useful on future projects?

Question 21 During the closing phase, the project manager's challenge is to keep the project team focused on the remaining project activities and delivery to the customer until the project is complete.

Question 22 Which of the following would NOT be appropriate to assess when evaluating team performance?

Question 23 The final report typically includes profit made on the project.

Question 24 A 360­degree performance evaluation includes feedback from peers, project managers, subordinates, and even customers.

Question 25 Performance appraisals generally fulfill two functions. The first is to identify individual strengths and weaknesses and to develop action plans for improving performance. The second involves salary or merit adjustments. Why should these two functions be addressed at different times?

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BUSI 313 Quiz 4 Liberty University Complete Answers
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Question 1 Outsourced projects are susceptible to conflicts since people are unaccustomed to working together. Which of the following is a primary control mechanism for dealing with and resolving problems? Selected Answer: Escalation Response Feedback: Escalation is the primary control mechanism for dealing with and resolving problems. The basic principle is that problems should be resolved at the lowest level within a set limit, or they are "escalated" to the next level of management. AACSB: Reflective Thinking Accessibility: Keyboard Navigation Blooms: Remember Learning Objective: Best Practices in Outsourcing Proje...
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