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BUSI 303 Chapter 4 Learnsmart Assignment Liberty University Complete Answers
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BUSI 303 Chapter 4 Learnsmart Assignment Liberty University Complete Answers


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Which statement BEST reflects the implications of cultural differences for business?

Country A has a free market economy and group-oriented social structure. Country B has all of the same traits, but also possesses an advanced education system. Country would be the better investment site.

A group’s consideration and acceptance of what is good and right represents their

Islam prohibits payment of interest. This is one example depicting how can be the root of an ethical system.

What is the focus of Hofstede’s power distance dimension?

A class system is characterized by the fact that a person can move one to another.

At a dinner meeting in Japan, two executive sat down, leaving the middle seat open for their third associate, even though it meant one of them would have to get up to let him in. This is because, in Japan, the middle seat is reserved for the most senior member of the group. This is an example of a

Which of the following best describes the labor-management relationship in an organization based in Confucian culture?

The U.S. economy is because it is impacted by the philosophy of individualism.

The convergence hypothesis refers to a universal acceptance of across cultures.

One reason for the rise of Islamic fundamentalism is the

What is a negative effect of the collectivist manner associated with Japanese businesses?

Hindus believe that is achieved by spiritual progress and reincarnation.

According to Weber, thrift, efficiency and hard work are the result of a person’s belief in the ethics of .

Which two of the following are criticisms of Hostede’s work?

An advantage of individualism is a(n)

Which three of the following are associated with Confucianism?

As countries get richer, we often see a shift traditional values (such as staying married and obeying one’s parents) and secular rational values (including abortion and divorce).

Honesty would be considered a general .

There is a one-to-one relationship between one culture and a nation-state.

For poorer Muslims, modern ideology has not offered substantial economic improvement, yet it threatens their traditional

is important because managers need to have a deep understanding of the prevailing culture in those areas in which they do business.

Which of the following are considered positive aspects of the collectivist attitude found in the Japanese business culture?

Cross-cultural is necessary for a business to understand the cultural differences that exist between companies involved in international business.

In Westernized societies, both women and men are considered equally qualified to become physicians. This idea of what is good and right is an example of a(n) .

In terms of numbers of members, what are the four major religion that dominate the world today?

Which of these business situations exemplifies the convergence hypothesis?

According to the text, which two of the following non-verbal cues may be offensive in another country?

According to Hofstede, if the ties between people are loose, it is most likely a sign of a(n) society.

Which language is most prominent in terms of international business?

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BUSI 303 Chapter 4 Learnsmart Assignment Liberty University Complete Answers
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In terms of numbers of members, what are the four major religions that dominate the world today? The expectation that students won’t cheat on exams is an example of a Norm Mores have importance in...
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