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BUSI 301 Connect Homework Chapter 21 Liberty University Complete Answers
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BUSI 301 Connect Homework Chapter 21 Liberty University Complete Answers

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Under the ECOA, which of the following is not an unlawful factor to consider when deciding to extend credit?

Which of the following is (are) true of the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act:

is a nonfactual statement commonly used in advertising.

Which act provides for criminal punishment for changing the mile counter device in a motor vehicle?

Identify the true statements about Telemarketing and Consumer Fraud and Abuse Prevention Act and Consumer Fraud and Abuse Prevention Act. (Check all that apply.)

The was created to regulate the testing, manufacturing and distributing of foods, medications, medical devices and cosmetics.

The provides for a statutory process for consumers claiming a billing error on their card statement.

Using bold print and capital letters are common ways to a warranty.

The Truth in Lending Act is part of the

Misrepresenting the prices of a competitor is a common example of advertising as it relates to prices.

Which of the following is considered the primary enforcer of federal consumer debt collection statutes?

Which of the following is a primary statute designed to prevent deceptive telemarketing practices?

Which of the following are true about consent orders:

A validation disclosure must inform the debtor that he or she has days to dispute the debt.

Which of the following is focused on keeping products safe and informing consumers of dangers associated with consumer products?

Historically, the only protection a consumer had against a deceitful seller of goods was a common law action for .

If a buyer can prove that a seller knew of the buyer’s desire to sue a product in a certain way and that the buyer relied on the seller’s recommendation, the buyer may have protection under the .

Which of the following sources of federal legislation is considered the centerpiece of consumer credit transaction protection?

The and switch is considered a deceptive sales tactic.

The UCC defines a(n) as one who is regularly engaged in the sale of a particular product.

Which of the following sets forth privacy rights for consumer credit reports?

Which of the following is correct regarding a federal cause of action?

A(n) warranty may protect a buyer of a product even if there has not been a representation of fact.

Which of the following parties are not covered by the FDCPA?

Which of the following investigates a public outbreak of illnesses associated with contaminated food?

False testimonials and false endorsements are prohibited by the

The is the party extending credit.

Which of the following is not unlawful under the FDCPA?

The provides protection to consumers who purchase a faulty product with their credit card by requiring the card issuer to investigate and perhaps credit the consumer’s account.

A federal cause of action provides for federal court to have jurisdiction over a lawsuit.

Any time a credit report is used in a credit-making decision, the consumer has the right to obtain the report.

The is the party borrowing money, also called the borrower.

Which of the following is considered one of the first statutory protections for American consumers?

Which of the following was created to combat discrimination in lending practices?

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BUSI 301 Connect Homework Chapter 21 Liberty University Complete Answers
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Under the Fair Credit Reporting Act, credit bureaus are required to give individual consumers a free copy of their report a year. Drugs approved by the FDA are subject to which of the following agency’s advertising regula...
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