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BUSI 301 Connect Homework Chapter 18 Liberty University Complete Answers
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BUSI 301 Connect Homework Chapter 18 Liberty University Complete Answers


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Which of the following was designed to limit motor vehicle emissions?

The Comprehensive Environmental Response Compensation and Liability Act is commonly called the .

All of the following are types of Potentially Responsible Parties of a contaminated site. (Check all that apply)

Which source of law protects wildlife?

A(n) is an entity that moves hazardous waste from one site to another by ground, air, or water transportation.

The Sierra Club and the Natural Resources Defense Council are examples of: .

Federal, state, and statutes address water pollution and conversation.

The EPA is primarily concerned about protecting and preserving the: .

The first comprehensive piece of federal legislation to address environmental concerns was the: .

The Clean Air Act’s market based approach includes all of the following: . (check all that apply)

Which of the following pieces of federal legislation is designed to improve outdoor air quality?

The doctrine of nuisance protected an individuals private property rights.

The EPA and the Army of Engineers primarily implement and enforce the Clean Water Act.

Environmental laws exist at the local, state, and level.

High water quality standards are common for a use such as: .

The Toxic Substances Control Act gives the jurisdiction over risks associated with the manufacturing, usage, and disposal of chemical compounds.

Which of the following contain information on stationary sources of pollutants, including which pollutants are being released and at what levels?

Federal statutes were enacted concerning the handling and disposal of toxic waste after pollution was discovered in community sources.

Concern by the American public for the environment has over the years.

Which of the following allowed the EPA to have more authority to prevent and respond to oil spills in public water sources?

Safe Drinking Water Act standards are based on: .

Citizens and interest groups may file a lawsuit against a polluter in violation of environmental laws or: .

State water quality standards are subject to review by the: .

The internal engine is a major source of hazardous pollutants.

The Endangered Species Act is administered by the U.S. Department of Commerce and the U.S. Department of the: .

Water in wells and subsurface water is also known as: .

The National Environmental Policy Act focused on addressing regulation.

suit provisions allow private individuals the authority to file lawsuits based on violations of environmental laws.

A(n) is any facility whose processes create hazardous waste.

Garbage, refuse, sludge, and sewage are examples of waste.

laws are designed to protect natural resources and to promote a healthier environment.

permits cover multiple facilities within a certain category.

Which of the following need to be concerned with environmental laws?

has stricter miles per gallon requirements then the federal government.

Once an EIS has been published, interested constituencies as well as the can comment on the statement.

Which of the following sources of law deals with the manufacturing, disposal and use of chemical compounds?

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BUSI 301 Connect Homework Chapter 18 Liberty University Complete Answers
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The emission-trading embraces the that overall pollution reduction will result if businesses have an economic and competitive incentive, rather than a mandate, to invest in modern equipment and plants. Performance standards set forth by the TAQ Program were d...
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