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BUSI 301 Connect Homework Chapter 9 Liberty University Complete Answers
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BUSI 301 Connect Homework Chapter 9 Liberty University Complete Answers


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In the context of negligent conduct, which of the following circumstances are required for tort law to apply? (Check all that apply.)

If someone is injured by a defective product, she can pursue the following are possible causes of action: .

defense is used when the defendant must prove that the injured party knew that a substantial and apparent risk was associated with certain conduct and the party voluntarily proceeded with the activity anyway.

Failure to fulfill obligations to another party is called a(n) of duty.

Dissemination to a third party, a requirement of the defamation law, requires that .

The rule that allows for liability for negligently manufactured products to include any injuries to persons and not just the actual purchaser.

Tort law allocates liability based on a fundamental difference between or some act by one party that harms or endangers another party, and _____ or the failure to act or intervene in a certain situation

Superseding acts are always the basis for limiting a tortfeasor's liability.

Which of the following gives members of Congress protection from liability for any statements made during a congressional debate?

For the most part, tort law is found in state law.

In an action for trade libel, the one making the defamatory remark is the injured party.

So long as the media acts in good faith, without malice, and without a reckless disregard for the truth, the media will enjoy privilege protection.

If someone is injured by a defective product, she can pursue the following are possible causes of action: .

Once a landowner becomes a landlord and she gives possession of the property to the tenant, the landlord is generally not held liable except for: .

For a party to recover for an injury caused by a project, the product must have been defective and must have created a danger that: .

Which of the following is an element of defamation?

A project that is is designed and manufactured correctly with adequate warning, but is still dangerous.

One who commits a tort is referred to as the .

is spoken defamation.

A Category of tort where liability will be imposed, regardless of intent or willfulness, is liability.

A claim for fraudulent misrepresentation requires the misrepresentation of a(n) fact.

A claim for false imprisonment in the commercial setting commonly presents itself in cases of

For an injured party to be successful on a claim for contract interference, the injured party must prove that the Tortfeasor had knowledge of the contract, actively interfered with the contract, and caused identifiable to the injured party.

The party must prove all elements of negligence to be successful.

When a Tortfeasor acts negligently, he or she is responsible for the victim’s injuries or

An analysis of proximate cause includes proving that the Tortfeasor’s conduct was the closest-in-proximity cause of the injured party’s damages and that the Tortfeasor’s liability was not canceled due to a .

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BUSI 301 Connect Homework Chapter 9 Liberty University Complete Answers
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A(n) statute is intended to protect a state’s agricultural, dairy, or beef industries. The define proximate cause as that which helps draw the line that determines when a tortfeasor is “not liable for harm different from harms whose risk made the [tortfeasoir’s] conduct tortious”. restatements ...
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