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NURS 6512 FINAL EXAM, NURS 6512 Week 6 Midterm Exam (2 Versions): Walden (Already graded A)
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1. Costovertebral angle tenderness should be assessed whenever you suspect the patient may have: -

2. In older adults, overflow fecal incontinence is commonly due to:

3. A 1 month old boy has been vomiting for 2 weeks. How is this symptom of GERD and pyloric stenosis further differentiated in this child’s assessment?

4. Auscultation of borborygmi is associated with:

5. When auscultating the abdomen, which finding would indicate collateral circulation between the portal and systemic venous systems? –

6. Conversion of fat-soluble wastes to water-soluble material for renal excretion is a function of the: -

7. The major function of the large intestine is: -

8. Which structure is located in the hypogastric region of the abdomen? –

9. A 45 year old man relates a several week h


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