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Case Analysis of Mcdonalds
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  1. Identify key global (e.g., economic and cultural) factors that may impact business decisions.
  2. Analyze the impact of these key global economic and cultural factors on business decisions. As part of your analysis, consider stakeholders affected by the business decisions made.
  3. Provide business recommendation(s) for the situation presented in the case scenario. As part of your best recommendation, develop and compare alternative solutions, considering the advantages and disadvantages of each approach.
  4. Identify any ethical dilemmas presented in the case scenario.
  5. Apply ethical and societal concepts to propose and defend a responsible course(s) of action.
  6. Label all the 5 questions with subheadings derived from them so as to show which part answers what
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Case Analysis of Mcdonalds
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Case Analysis of McDonald's Name Institution Case Analysis of McDonald's 1. Identify key global (e.g., economic and cultural) factors that may impact business decisions. In the modern era of globalization, businesses have been characterized by their continuous venturing into new regions in which they affected by a wide variety of factors. As such, all business decisions across the world are subject to different economic and cultural factors present in their environment. The inevitability of the impacts of the economic and cultural factors on the business decisions is founded on the fact that global businesses, as well as local ones, do not operate in solitude; but interact with individuals with diverse cultural backgrounds and operate in different regions with different economic situations (Arnold and Reynolds, 2003). As such, the businesses’ decisions must at all times incorporate the prevailing cultural, political, social, and economic situations if the businesses are to remain viable. Among the global factors affecting business decisions are the prevailing interest rates, inflation, taxation, exchange rates, and demand and supply in any market. For instance, in the process of making decisions on the kind of business investment to make in any global market, business management may seek to understand the corresponding taxation policies for such an investment to make a viable decision. It is also paramount for business decision makers to ascertain the prevailing demand and supply as well as the level of competition in their targeted markets when making decisions (Arnold and Reynolds, 2003). Such information would be critical for the formulation of an optimal decision that would favor the business success. For borrowing, businesses must carefully consider the prevailing market interest rates as well as the levels of inflation in the prospective countries to make a sound decision. Political factors are another critical set of factors that business decision makers must carefully consider when making any business decisions. This is because the political dimension in any country has a direct impact on the business operations with...
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