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Training and Development
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Review the Competency Model provided (Hospitality, Tourism, and Events Industry Model) and answer the 3 questions below pertaining to the: Hospitality, Tourism, and Events Industry Model. APA format, New Times Roman 12. Cite all references

  • How might this competency model be useful for training and development for companies within the industry you selected?
  • For their employees?
  • For individuals such as students or the unemployed interested in working in the industry?
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Training and Development
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Training and Development Name Institution Training and Development The increasing competitiveness of organizations has created an environment where the various competencies held by the employees must be streamlined or realigned to generate a competitive advantage for the specific employees as well as the organization. As such, the emergence of various competency models applicable to specific industries or sectors was necessitated by the need for a predetermined framework tor the definition of the particular knowledge and skills required by an employee to effectively work in the particular industry (United States Department of Labor, n.d.). Moreover, organizations in different industries rely on the competency models to define and assess the competencies within the entities; in soft and hard skills. Competency models, therefore, can be useful for training and development for companies, their employees, and individuals such as students or the prospective job seekers in the industry (Lasse, 2015). Organizations operating within the four tiers of the hospitality, tourism, and events industry may find the outlined competency model useful for their employee training and development in a bid to create a highly competitive workforce that would be critical in the organization’s pursuit of competitiveness (United States Department of Labor, n.d.). First and foremost, the model...
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