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Evaluate Business Risk - COMPANY: SPRINT WIRELESS
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  • Evaluate the business risk and any debt/equity decisions recently made for your chosen company.
  • Identifyat least three business risks your company may face in the next year.
    • Do the financial statements address these risks?
    • How have the recent market changes affected your company?
  • Document your findings in a paper of approximately 500 words.
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Evaluate Business Risk - COMPANY: SPRINT WIRELESS
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Sprint Wireless- Evaluation Name Institution Sprint Wireless- Evaluation It is imperative to highlight the fact that all business organizations are constantly faced with certain business risks in their areas of operation. Moreover, the existence of such organizations is based on their capital structures, which are always distributed on equity and debt. In the case of Sprint Wireless, the most recent debt’/equity decision made by the company’s management entails the agreement to enter into a $26 billion all-stock deal with T-Mobile US, which is their closest competitor in the region. The agreement between the two countries created a firm base for the establishment of a major corporate entity with an expansive client base of 127 individuals (Nolter, 2017). Moreover, the merger is a strategic move towards the creation of a competitive force to face the two giant competitors in the mobile communications industry, Verizon Communications, and AT&T. It is, however, imperative to note that the deal is yet to ...
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