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Forces of change. Hiring Gerry Robinson, a consultant, is an external
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Please see Arsenic and Old Lace: A Study in Turnaround Management and answer those question. Each question must be a complete sentence. Also, the answer should explain clear. The answer to each question cannot too short(1-2sentence will not accept).



1. Forces of change. Hiring Gerry Robinson, a consultant, is an external force of change. What is another force of change (internal or external) that demonstrates a need for change? (5 points)


2. Which of the 3 types of organizational change was occurring and why? (4 points)


3. Discuss how each of the 3 stages in Lewin’s Change Model is demonstrated in “Arsenic and Old Lace.” List and explain each stage. (6 points)


4. How does the Systems Model for Change prove true in “Arsenic and Old Lace?” (3 points)


5. In reviewing Kotter’s 8 Steps for Leading Organizational Change, list 1 of the steps used and explain the impact. (2 points)


6. In understanding why people resist change in the workplace, there is one that stands out significantly. Which one is it and why? (5 points)

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Forces of change. Hiring Gerry Robinson, a consultant, is an external
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Question 1 Different organizations encounter many different forces for change in their day to day activities. These forces of change can be external, which originate outside the organization, and/or internal forces emanating from within the organization. Apart from...
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