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Unit 9 Assignment: Social Media Strategy for Competitive Advantage
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Social Media Strategy for Competitive Advantage  

Winer (2011) suggests an important feature of services is that because they are often distributed by people, their quality may be inconsistent at different points in time. Many services companies are seeking new methods to distinguish themselves from the competition. The Internet and information technology have provided robust, tangible opportunities for such differentiation.    

Using the Horn Nord, Paliszkiewicz and Koohang article in the readings and one additional source from the Library (accessed in the Academic Tools Area), persuasive essay on how organizations in the tax services industry can rethink their social media strategy to gain competitive advantage.   

Your essay should include an explanation to demonstrate that one proposal is more reasonable than another idea. A persuasive essay tries to convince a reader to accept a definite point of view. Your paper should range between 2-3 p of content and include in-text citations for references.  

Submit your A.P.A formatted and citation styled paper to the Unit 9 Assignment Dropbox.  


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