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StatCrunch Assignment 3
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In this assignment, you will use the StatCrunch U data set that you developed in Module 2 as part of the first StatCrunch assignment.

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StatCrunch Assignment 3
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As you did in StatCrunch Assignment 1B, look at the items in the StatCrunch U survey and develop a question regarding population proportions that can be answered using the survey data you collected. As a reminder, here are the items on the survey: Here are some possible questions. Feel free to pick one of those questions—but it would be better for you to formulate a question of your own. For this assignment, you need a question related to a single proportion (since our sample data is drawn from a single population) and one that will require the use of a confidence interval and hypothesis test to answer. NOTE: There is a sample StatCrunch Assignment 3 designed to give you an idea of how to do this assignment. It uses a question related to the proportions of female and male students...
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