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QNT275 Week 2 Practice Set

University of Phoenix

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1. List the simple events for each of the following statistical experiments in a sample space. a) One roll of a die. Note: Separate your response with a comma (,). For example 22, 23, 24 b) Three tosses of a coin. Note: Use this notation for your answer. heads = H. tails = T. For example HT, TH c) One toss of a coin and one roll of a die. Note: Use this notation. Heads = H or numbers 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 for the dice. For example H1 indicates heads and dice roll equal to 1. 2. Two students are randomly selected from a statistics class, and it is observed whether or not they suffer from math anxiety. Indicate which are simple and which are compound events. a) Both students suffer from math anxiety. b) Exactly one student suffers from math anxiety. c) The first student does not suffer and the second suffers from math anxiety. d) None of the students suffers from math anxiety. 3. A hat contains 40 marbles. Of them, 18 are red and 22 are green. I...
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