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POLSCI 330 Week 2 Quiz | Complete Solution
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Question 1.    Question :    (TCO 6) Aristotle said that extreme democracies, pure oligarchies, or tyrannies can develop from what cause?

     Student Answer:          Communities where some possess much
               Communities where some have nothing
                All of the above
                None of the above

     Instructor Explanation:    Chapter 2, page 21

     Points Received:    0 of 3

Question 2.    Question :    (TCO 6) Which of the following is most consistent with the idea of a social contract?

     Student Answer:          Government should be limited to ensure individual freedom.
                Individuals join and stay in civil society.
               Citizens prefer solitary lives to living in groups.
               Citizens are more concerned with their own social situations than the community.

     Instructor Explanation:    Chapter 2, page 23

     Points Received:    3 of 3

Question 3.    Question :    (TCO 6) If _____ were alive, he might suggest that poor academic performance in schools could be attributed to a society that does not promote education and provides few resources devoted to schools.

     Student Answer:          John Locke
                Jean-Jacques Rousseau
               Thomas Hobbes
               Niccolo Machiavelli

     Instructor Explanation:    Chapter 2, page 23

     Points Received:    3 of 3

Question 4.    Question :    (TCO 6) Which of the following would most likely be supported by the bourgeoisie?

     Student Answer:          Equality for all
               A revolt by the proletariat
               Minority rights
                Conflict for economic gain

     Instructor Explanation:    Chapter 2, page 24

     Points Received:    3 of 3

Question 5.    Question :    (TCO 6) Which statement best supports Marxist theories?

     Student Answer:          The United States provides ample opportunities for all who work hard.
               Similarities exist between economies in both Europe and the United States.
                Tax breaks will often create jobs, benefiting the working class.
                Uneven benefits to corporations with few benefits for workers led to the economic crises in the early 2000s.

     Instructor Explanation:    Chapter 2, pages 24–25

     Points Received:    0 of 3

Question 6.    Question :    (TCO 6) Which statement best applies to Adam Smith?

     Student Answer:          His views began as conservative, but are now associated with modern liberalism.
                His views were once considered liberal, but are now promoted by conservatives.
               His views have always been advocated by liberals.
               Marxists promoted his views because of concerns of the proletariat.

     Instructor Explanation:    Chapter 3, page 37, 38–39

     Points Received:    3 of 3

Question 7.    Question :    (TCO 6) Thomas Hill Green might agree with which of the following?

     Student Answer:          No one is forced to take a job he or she doesn’t like.
                Unions are necessary to protect workers against business owners.
               Taxes should benefit business owners because they allow owners to hire more workers.
               Markets regulate themselves.

     Instructor Explanation:    Chapter 3, page 38

     Points Received:    3 of 3

Question 8.    Question :    (TCO 6) Modern American conservatism would favor government involvement in what activity?

     Student Answer:           Religious promotion
               Regulating markets
               Protecting organized labor
               A progressive tax system

     Instructor Explanation:    Chapter 3, page 39

     Points Received:    3 of 3

Question 9.    Question :    (TCO 6) How do Libertarians differ from liberals and conservatives?

     Student Answer:           Libertarians are more consistent in their views.
               Libertarians are less consistent in their views.
                Libertarians prefer intervention in economic matters only.
               Libertarians prefer intervention in social matters only.

     Instructor Explanation:    Chapter 3, page 47

     Points Received:    0 of 3

Question 10.    Question :    (TCO 6) Which of the following assisted Germany and Italy in their war efforts?

     Student Answer:          Disenchantment with socialism
                Appeals to the citizens based on extreme nationalistic views
               Unequal distribution of resources domestically and abroad
               A revolt against the dominant world powers
     Instructor Explanation:    Chapter 3, page 45

     Points Received:    3 of 3

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