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The value of this course is fully achieved when students are able to find application
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Real-Life Application Observations

The value of this course is fully achieved when students are able to find application in real-life settings, whether academic, professional, or personal.  Students will submit five (5) written observations about how they saw a principle from class applied in their life (academically, professionally, or personally).  This is NOT a research paper. Points will be deducted if this is simply are repeat of something you found on the internet. Each observation must be at least one page in length (single space).  Each submission will be graded with a score of 0-10.



This is the part that I want you to use that personal with me.


–        Conducted after each phase of the DMAIC model

•         Define– Approve Project Charter, SIPOC, Scope

•         Measure – Provide Current State information, what data that was collected and validates all significant information collected

•         Analyze – Present root cause to process owner for validation, proposed solutions, and recommended process changes for approval

•         Improve Provide status of implemented improvements

•         Control– Provides sustainment plan / measurement criteria to monitor progress and turns project responsibility over to process owner





Here is a quick example:


In this real-life application observations, I want to talk about the DMAIC method in my studying. As we studied in the class, the DMAIC is mean Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve, and Control. The DMAIC method is a useful way to analysis company's problems and improve company's business in the 6 Sigma. In my opinion, I think the DMAIC are also work on my studying process.

As we know, not all of the courses are easy to us especially I am an international student. If I can't take a satisfying score when doing the test or exam in the class, I usually use the similar method with DMAIC, for analyzing and improving my knowledge for this course.


For doing the define stage, I will think the purpose of this course. What do I prefer to get in this class for the final score, what score I want to get for next exam, Do I need spend more time on this class, and so on. After I finish define, I will think about next step: measure.


I usually read the syllabus for measure and manage my reviewing. In the syllabus, I can easily find out the schedule and the percentage of each tests, exams, Projects and homework. Sometimes there are not only one tests and exams. That is mean I still have change to improve my final score. I need analyze the problems and improve my knowledge to studying.


I will find out the problems to cause my low score. What is the problem to hinder my score? What do I need to be careful in the test? Dose there any knowledge I did not go through. After I do these define, I will do the next step: improve.


After the analyze, I can easily find out my disadvantages to cause my low score. The reason may diverse. Some of the knowledge I may not go through; I may not do enough practices for the questions, etc. After find out the problems, I can fix my studying process and improve my final grade.


For keep my new studying process stay fixed. I need see how the score and new studying process going is. If that is going ok, I will keep that way by self-supervision. If that is going not ok, I will do that DMAIC method again to improve my score until I fell satisfying.

All in all, the DMAIC is a good way to solve problems and improve process. That is not only working studying life and business process, but also working on a diverse of fields. I believe the DMAIC method will help me a lot in the rest of my life.


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The value of this course is fully achieved when students are able to find application
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Observation 1 Car problem while going office Define You were driving office in a car and suddenly it stopped. So the issue is car is not start...
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