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Do you think agenda setting abuses the power of the media?

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Do you think agenda setting abuses the power of the media?


•    Introduce Media

–          In What is it?

–          What does it do?

–          What are the potential powers it has?

•    Final Paper Assignment

–          Writing the Campaign Analysis Section

–          Provide strategies for pre-writing

–          Nitty gritty requirements

–          Final Notes on Final Draf

What is media?

•    Definition:                       various channels of communication between a person(s) and their intended audience

•    Modes:

–          Print

–          Radio

–          Television

–          Cable

–          Internet

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[Solved] Do you think agenda setting abuses the power of the media?

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Three Branches –                         Executive: The President and Bureaucracy –                         Legislative: Congress (House of Reps and Senate) –         ...
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