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Read the articles and watch the videos on process mapping and

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Operational Process Flow

Process improvement requires the analysis of processes and of data. In this Assignment, you will develop a process flow for an operational activity that takes place in your organization, whether or not you work in the field of health care.

To prepare for this Assignment:

Read the articles and watch the videos on process mapping and critical path. Identify an operational activity within your organization, or an organization with which you are familiar. These activities could include business planning, staff training initiatives, changes in case management, etc.

The Assignment:

Using what you have learned about process mapping in this week’s resources, create a process mapping flowchart to measure operational data of the activity using Microsoft PowerPoint or Microsoft Visio. Identify the important measurements within your process which provide operational data. Then, based on the process map you have created, list and describe these measurements and the critical path within your process, utilizing any additional process improvement tools necessary. Your completed Assignment should include the flowchart, a description of process measurements, the critical path analysis, and a 1- to 2-page summary.

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[Solved] Read the articles and watch the videos on process mapping and

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Read the articles and watch the vi...
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