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Please write part 2, outcomes 1-5, the research-based section.

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Please write part 2, outcomes 1-5, the research-based section. Part 2 should be five to six pages in length. In this section of your essay, you will focus on relevant theories, readings, and best practices in the field that relate to each outcome. The Theories and Principles section should resemble a research paper and should illustrate scholarly writing. You should reference three theories/best practices for each outcome. (Please note that some theories may be applicable to more than one outcome.)


This section is to be written in third person. Make sure you follow APA referencing format by citing references appropriately within the essay. Include a separate reference page, following APA format.

Formation of Abstract Concepts and Generalizations
(Definition of Theories and Principles):

Describe the underlying theories and principles related to the experience(s). What theories and principles explain why a trend, pattern, or relationship exists? Theories and principles should have enough breadth to be of value to most people in a specific context. For example, the principles discussed in a public speaking paper should be useful to most people making presentations. The theories discussed in a human resource management paper should reflect research and practices in the field of human resources. The concepts that function best within the Kolb model are those that describe “best practices in the field” in order for a person to be effective or successful. Introduce outside resources that support or strengthen your objective statements. While the benefit of quoting an authority who agrees with your thesis is obvious, you also should refer to material that contradicts your position for the purpose of showing that you are aware of other viewpoints, especially if the topic is controversial.

Each outcome should have 5 paragraphs an introduction, first theory/best practice, second theory/best practice, third theory/best practice, and a conclusion). You will want to make sure that you are providing sources to back up these theories. 


I attached the essay that need to be added on to. Pat 1 and part 3 are complete. Part2 is the section i need assistance with. I will run through originality report so please do not plagiarize. 


if you have questions please ask as this essay is VERY important to me. 

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[Solved] Please write part 2, outcomes 1-5, the research-based section.

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PART 2: Theories and Principles/Abstract Conceptualization Abstract Co...
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