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Research “performance development plan” or “performance
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Research “performance development plan” or “performance management interview (PMI)” on the internet, starting at www.about.com  Script a 10-minute PMI for an employee who’s been in the position 6-months for the job description (attached below) you wrote earlier in this course. Imagine you are the manager. Be sure your script is very detailed and specific in communication the criteria from the rubric and instructions below:           

    1. Script and write your interview how it would read for role-play.
    2. Observe best practices in Human Resource Management with regard to procedures and involving the employee in solving the performance problem.
    3. Identify several things the employee is performing well, as well as providing observable behavior to document the deficiency.
    4. Be sure to identify the interview goals, evidence of deviant performance, reasonable time for correction, and consequences.
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Research “performance development plan” or “performance
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A performance management interview in our case is basically a sit down between the gym...
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