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• Quality management - Planning and implementing
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A project quality management program includes the following: 
• Quality management - Planning and implementing policies, procedures, and requirements. 
• Quality control - Ensuring that work is being performed and that work is being checked prior to its acceptance. 
• Quality assurance - Verifying that quality control tasks are being performed. 
• Continuous quality improvement - Continually pursuing improvement in the quality of the project process. 
• Quality costs - Redoing a project item even when doing so increases the item's cost. 

Develop a series of control methods for the business in your Strategic Management Plan. Also determine the evaluation methods for those control items. Finally, discuss the importance of the control methods and the responsibility of the project manager for the decisions, actions, and overall outcome of the project.

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• Quality management - Planning and implementing
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Quality Management   Series of Control Methods for Business in Strategic Management Plan Quality is an importa...
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