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Identify at least three lessons that entrepreneurs can
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The following questions are from a cases study. You can read the cases study if you have the book then answer the questions below. Paper should be 4 -6 pages long. ( Case study is : You Be the Consultant: “The Social Sauce Experiment” page 291-292.  And the book used is Scarborough,N. (2014). Essentials of  Entrepreneurship and Small Business Management, 7th Edition. )

  1. Identify at least three lessons that entrepreneurs can learn from the Social Sauce Experiment
  2. Work with a team of your classmates to create your own Social Sauce Experiment. Select a local business that has not social media presence and develop a plan to boost its visibility sales, and profits with a social media strategy. 
  3. Identify at least three guerrilla marketing strategies discussed in this chapter that Big Papa’s BBQ can use to increase it visibility, sales, and profits. Explain how the company should implement each one.


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Identify at least three lessons that entrepreneurs can
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The social media is nowadays a marketing trend having the potential to pull up the brand of a prod...
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