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I need a help please

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Requirements— Your responses should be approximately the word total suggested for each of the five questions. These suggestions are approximate. Also, the text must be double spaced. (NOTE: there is a 2/3 letter grade penalty for noncompliance with the underlined factor). For a heading on the paper, use whatever you like as long as your name is present. 

Questions 1. According to Jamieson, there are several features of climate change that render the issues involved alien to our usual notions of commonsense morality. Discuss any two of them, explaining why they present such “hard’ issues. (100 wds.)

 2. In thinking of ways to bring the harms of climate change within notions of commonsense morality, Jamieson discusses three possible methods of doing so. Ultimately he decides that only one of these even has any possibility of working. For that one possibility, he gives two theoretical strategies for accomplishing it, before concluding they might not work either. Briefly explain his reasoning regarding all this. (125 wds.) 

3. Using both Jamieson and the article by Gardiner, explain which aspect of climate change both think is the hardest issue, and the prospects for using ethics to solve, or at least address, the issue. (100 wds.) 

4. Jamieson notes several different ways of respecting nature. Explain each, and why he thinks we do (or should) respect nature in the first place. (100 wds.) 

5. Jamieson notes a few reasons why the harms to nation-states associated with climate change don’t look like traditional injustice between states. He considers one of these to be the most serious. Describe all the reasons, but spend most of the word count to explain the most serious one. (100 wds.)


label questions and discuss below each in specified word count 


Reference used sources and cite 

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[Solved] I need a help please

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Climate Change Name Institution Climate Change 1. Jamieson acknowledges that the threat and menace of climate change in the modern world have camouflaged itself in several features that render alien all the issues involved such that the comprehension and addressing of the problem as a moral problem is difficult. One of the features is the difficulty to understand who or what bears the responsibility for the harm between the producers and consumers of the organic fuels. The second feature of the problem is the intent behind the climate change. The features present such hard issues due to the complexity of the modern economies and the technological developments such as the greenhouse (Jacquet, 2017). 2. The three possible ways to bring the harms of climate change within the notions of common sense morality, according to Jamieson, are prediction reliability, social, economic preferability, and non-violation of ethical considerations. However, he reiterates on the aspects of social and economic preferability to cur...
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I need a help please

Climate Change Name Institution Climate Change 1. Jamieson acknowledges that the threat and menace of climate change in the modern world have camouflaged itself in several features that render alien all the issues...
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