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Access Tutorial 1 - Case 1 Background GoGopher | Complete Solution

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Download all files provided in Blackboard and save them to your Desktop, then get started on this
assignment. A solution PDF is provided. Be sure to read the instructions carefully as you work through
this "hands on" activity

Access Tutorial 1 - Case 1 Background GoGopher!
Amol Mehta, a recent college graduate living in Boulder, Colorado, spent months earning money by
running errands and completing basic chores for family members and acquaintances, while looking for
full-time employment. As his list of customers needing such services continued to grow, Amol decided to
start his own business called GoGopher! The business, which Amol operates completely online from his
home, offers customers a variety of services-from grocery shopping and household chores to yard work
and pet care-on a subscription basis. Clients become members of GoGopher! by choosing the plan that
best suits their needs. Each plan provides a certain number of tasks per month to members, for a
specified period of time. Amol wants to use Access to maintain information about the members who
have joined GoGopher! and the types of plans offered. He needs your help in creating this database.
1. Create a new, blank database (using Microsoft Access 2016) named Gopher and save it to the
Desktop without renaming it.
2. In the Datasheet view for the Table1 table, rename the default primary key ID field to PlanlD.
Change the data type of the PlanlD field to Short Text.
3. Add the following three fields to the new table in the order shown, with the respective data
attributes noted in parenthesis: PlanDescription (Short Text), PlanCost (Currency), and
FeeWaived (Yes/No). Save this table as Plan.
4. Enter the records shown below in the Plan table. Note: When entering the PlanCost field values,
you do not have to type the dollar signs, commas, or decimal places - Microsoft Access will
provide them automatically.
5. Amol created a database named Program that contains a Service table with plan data. The Plan
table you created has the same design as the Service table. Copy all the records from the Service
table in the Program database (which you should have already downloaded onto the Desktop)
and then paste them at the end of the Plan table in the Gopher database.
6. Resize all datasheet columns to their best fit, and then save the Plan table.
7. Close the Plan table, and then use the Navigation Pane to reopen it. Note that the records are
displayed in primary key order by the values in the PlanlD field.
8. Use the Simple Query Wizard to create a query that includes the PlanlD, PlanDescription, and
PlanCost fields from the Plan table. In the second Simple Query Wizard dialog box, select the 
Detail option. (This option appears because the query includes a Currency field.) Save the query
as PlanData, and then close the query.
9. Use the Form tool to create a form for the Plan table. Save the form as Planlnfo, and then close
10. Use the Report tool to create a report based on the Plan table. In Layout view, resize the PlanlD
field so it is slightly wider than the longest entry, which is the field name in this case. Also, resize
the box containing the total amount that appears below the PlanCost column by clicking the box
and then dragging its bottom border down so that the amount is fully displayed. (The
ReportTool calculated this total automatically.) Display the report in Print Preview to verify that
all of the fields are within the page area and all field values are fully displayed. Save the report
as PlanList.
11. Compare your PDF file to the Solution PDF provided.
12. Close the Plan table
13. Compact and Repair the Gopher database.
14. Close the Gopher database.
15. Submit your completed Gopher database in Blackboard using the link provided.
Grading Rubric:
Plan table has the required fields as specified 5
Plan table has all of the required records 5
PlanData query meets the specifications provided 5
PlanInfo form meets the specifications provided 5
PlanList report meets the specifications provided 5
Total points 25

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[Solved] Access Tutorial 1 - Case 1 Background GoGopher | Complete Solution

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Access Tutorial 1 - Case 1 Background GoGopher | Complete Solution

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