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Continuous-Time Signals Lab
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Continuous-Time Signals Lab


    1. Watch video entitled “Module 2 – Signal Operations in MATLAB”
    2. Work the following two lab assignments below.
    3. Include answers for Problems and include MATLAB coding along with any output plots that support solutions into a Word document entitled “Lab2_StudentID”.  Where your student id is substituted in the file name.
    4. Upload file “Lab2_StudentID”.

Work the following two lab assignments below using MATLAB.

Activity 1:

Consider the following continuous signal:

Plot the continuous-time signal over the range .

Also, break up the time range into two ranges t1=[-1 0] and t2=[0:0.1:5].  Then concatenate the results, i.e. t=[t1 t2].

Activity 2:

Consider a finite-support signal

x(t) = t

and zero elsewhere.

·         Using Matlab, plot x(t+1)

·         Using Matlab, plot x(-t+1)

·         Add the above two signals together and plot the new signal y(t).


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Continuous-Time Signals Lab
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