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Construction Litigation case
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Construction Litigation case: Chun Wo Building Construction Limited (Chun Wo) vs Metta Resources Limited (Metta) (HCCT29/2013)



The objectives of the assignment are to test the students’ ability in searching relevant court cases, interpreting and understanding them.


There are many court cases in the construction industry. One of the recent case with judgment made in late 2016: Chun Wo Building Construction Limited (Chun Wo) and Metta Resources Limited (Metta) (HCCT29/2013) is a complicated case involving many issues worth studying.

You may search the judgment details of the above court case at the following link: http://legalref.judiciary.gov.hk/lrs/common/ju/judgment.jsp


1. What are the relevant major issues arguing by both parties?

2. What are the argument proposed by Chun Wo?

3. What are the argument proposed by Metta?

4. What are the views of the judge and the conclusion of the court?


 No. of Words: 1000 – 1500 words


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Construction Litigation case
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Construction Litigation case: C...
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