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Paper on belief of psychopathology
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Paper on belief of psychopathology

You are required to write a paper on your theory of change. In the paper you should address your beliefs on psychopathology, dysfunction, and relational distress.

1)      What brings people into therapy?

2)      How do people change?

3)      How would family therapy figure into your views?

4)      Describe the assessment process you would implement as a part of the overall therapeutic process and any tools, scales, or measurements you might use. Support your position with information from our text or other scholarly sources.

Written assignments should adhere to the following formatting guidelines: typewritten, using a 12-point font (TIMES NEW ROMAN ONLY); double-spaced (including double-space between paragraphs); have 1-inch margins (unjustified right margin); short descriptive topical headings and sub-headings, as needed, and pages numbered in the upper right corner of the page.  The text of your assignment should be continuous (not starting a new page for each question).

Minimum length of your assignment is 4 pages (not including the cover page or reference page.

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Paper on belief of psychopathology
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Abnormal behavior seems to be equal with the descriptions regarding psychopathology. Th...
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