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Philosophy-arguments about the existance of God
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Question:Discuss in some details about the existance of God as argued in philosophy

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philosophy-arguments about the existance of God
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Running head: PHILOSOPHY : Part I: The Cosmological and Ontological Arguments 1. What is the cosmological argument? How is it related to an idea of Aristotleâs? And what are some typical weaknesses of the argument? -cosmological and ontological arguments point out views over the possible existence of God or as they call him the supreme being .The arguments point out the possibility of the existence of the first cause. The arguments believe there is continuity in the existence of the power that controls the universe. The cosmological argument is closely related to the Aristotle argument such that they are more similarities between them. Some of the typical weakness of the argument is that for one it is more Christian based, and another is that it does not seem to accommodate modern views resulted to the argument. The possibility of God being there then the universe s also infinite .Thus is too overwhelming to some people, but still those who accept that God exists then according to them; it remains true that God exists. The fact that others believe that there is God in this universe; those who do not believe have the right of not believing without being forced. God is a unavoidable fact to many people who know why they believe ,and worship this one God, but others have chosen not to believe the existence of God, which for real is their stand .Philosophers enjoy knowledge more than where there is no or poor knowledge, here is where they get filled to the utmost. That others believe God is there, and others believe God is not there, it is a very interesting area to philosophers. Part II: The Teleological Argument and Pascalâs Wager 4. What is Pascalâs wager? Explain the argument, and be sure to distinguish it from proofs of Godâs existence. Also, what are some typical weaknesses of the argument? -Wager’s argument is more based on atheists views on God It points out that man is just there, and that he can even live infinitely not believing or just believing about the existence of God. This argument pointed more on wh...
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