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Chemistry- Research paper
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Must have a Cover Page, Table of Contents & a Sources Page. 
And must be 700 words. It is due by November the 7th. 

Some Topics Include:

Why is radon so dangerous
Chemistry in forensics
Pheromones in humans
The chemistry of aging 
Organic food vs. Pesticides 
Using sugar for batteries 
Turning yeast into a biofuel
Vitamin deficiencies in humans
The Chemistry of MDMA
Biomass of Ethanol

If none of these topics are interesting to the writer I have a couple more I can post from the list. 

Also can include Pics to take up the space for the 3 pages but the picture cannot be so big that it is noticeable that it is taking up the space for words...

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Chemistry- Research paper
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Ossification Introduction The ossification is a process by which bones are synthesized from cartilage. The ossification process can take varying durations and rates depending on the site of its occurrence. The process is also referred to as Osteogenesis. The bone formation process occurs in two major processes namely the Endochondral process and the intramembranous process. The bone formation process starts from the point of embryo and proceeds into the mid 20’s. T...
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