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Financial Report Incbacas
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This two-part project will focus on the financial aspects of your start up business. This project also includes the use of Excel spreadsheets containing financial data and required reports.

Before you begin, take this tutorial on financial statements.

In part I, using Microsoft Excel worksheets create 3 years of income statements, balance sheets, and cash flow statements.

In part 2, using Microsoft Word®, create a 3–4 page financial summary detailing your income statements, balance sheets, and cash flow statements.

When you are ready, submit your Microsoft Word Document and Excel file on the Dropbox page. *Note, include your name in the file name of each Assignment.

Assignment checklist Items:

·               Create an income statement and balance sheet.

·               Create cash flow analysis.

·               Create an Excel spreadsheet that includes the financial aspects associated with your Final Project, including income statements, balance sheets, and cash flow statements.

·               Complete a financial summary on Excel Spreadsheet financial reports.

For help using the Dropbox, click on Academic Tools above then Dropbox Guide.


Percentage of assignment


MT499 Assignment Criteria

Content, Focus, use of Research

50% (30pts)

Addresses all assignment requirements, indicates depth of knowledge about the topics and key areas, contains a clear and concise introduction with a thesis statement, comprehension body of paper, closing summary, and includes a minimum of three cited and referenced resources (APA 6th edition).





30% (18pts)

Analysis and critical thinking indicates optimal reasoning with a defined purpose, based on assumptions, writer’s point of view, discusses the advantages and disadvantages, and uses data, information, and concepts/ideas to address the assignment topics or key areas in the paper.






20% (12pts)

The capstone uses the APA (6th edition) writing style using active voice, which is in third person and concisely written. The paper is free from incorrect punctuation, use of jargon/clichés, incorrect grammar and mechanics, and is correctly formatted based on APA 6th edition guidelines.

Total Points

100% (60pts)


ID: MT499-08-07-A



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Financial Report Incbacas
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Financial Report IncbacasFinancial Report IncbacasFinancial Report IncbacasFinancial Report IncbacasFinancial Report Incbacas...
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