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Export Business Plan
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Unit 6 Research Paper



Select a product of which you will export to a foreign country.  After your product is chosen, decide on a foreign country to which you will export.  In developing your Export Business Plan, you will present the following information: I. Purpose – why has the plan been written


II. Table of Contents 


III. Executive Summary – this is short and concise and covers the

principal points of the report and is prepared after the plan has been written

IV. Introduction – what product and foreign country did you select and


V. Situational Analysis – describe the product to be exported


VI. Country History – present a brief history of the country as it relates

to its origins and trade history

VII. Cultural Overview – what are the norms, practices, social structure, etc. that may aid (or hinder) the reception of your product

- Consumer attitudes toward product - Educational levels – ability to comprehend instructions, ability to use product - Languages – labels, instructions VIII. Political Environment – present an overview of the governance structure of the country along with any legal-political forces

- Certain features required or prohibited - Label and packing requirements

IX. Export Marketing Plan – present long and short-term goals, characteristics of an ideal target market for your product given the

country selected, market screening

X. Economic Development – how developed is the country and how will

this influence the success of your product - Purchasing power - Wages - Infrastructure

XI. Summary

For further detail regarding the components of your Export Business Plan, please see pages 363-364 and 390 of our text.

Your paper is to be a minimum of 5 pages in length and be in APA formatto include:

 Include in-text citations for each thought that is not your own· The first line of each paragraph should be indented 1/2 inch · Paragraphs with a minimum of 3 sentences · 1 inch margins · Two spaces after punctuation · Double-spaced lines · Times New Roman 12-point font · The use of headings and subheadings ·

(information derived from another source)

 A reference (or works cited) page ·

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Export Business Plan
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