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Violence in Games and related ethical issues
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Paper C-2 - Individual research on existing or emerging IT-related technology and related ethical issues

This is the second part of a three-part assignment, an individual assignment to research existing or emerging IT related technology and its ethical impact.


You are required to use the topic from your C 1 submittal that was approved by your instructor.

Prepare a minimum 3- 5 page, double-spaced paper and submit it to your Assignments Folder as an attached Microsoft Word file. Indicate appropriate (APA) reference citations for all sources you use

Ensure that your research addresses the ethical issues of an existing or emerging technology! Submit the completed assignment to your appropriate Assignment Folder on the due date indicated in the course syllabus.

In addition to critical thinking and analysis skills, your paper should reflect appropriate grammar and spelling, good organization, and proper business-writing style.

An important part of your final paper must include a one page synopsis of the topic selection. You should state why you feel this is important and describe any supporting resources you found supporting your choice. This synopsis will be particularly useful to share with members of your Study Group to complete the C 3 Assignment.

Post your topic selection for your Study Group—the one-page synopsis should suffice—for further collaboration in preparation for a group presentation. 

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Violence in Games and related ethical issues
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Violence in Games and related ethical issuesViolence in Games and related ethical issuesViolence in Games and related ethical issues...
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