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Health Outcomes
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Step 1 of 3:

Provide your opinion on one of the following issues, in at least 50 to 75words.

·         Healthcare system - (Prefered)

·         Climate change

·         National debt

·         Ask your instructor for approval of a social, political or educational issue.

Step 2 of 3:

·         Locate two articles from the University Library or the Internet and discuss the following, in 75 to 100 words per article:

·         Is the information contained in the articles reliable? Explain.

·         Are the authors credible or non-credible? Why or why not?

·         Is the article credible?

Step 3 of 3:

Reflect on your original opinion of your topic in 50 to 75 words. Consider the following questions for your response:

·         Which of the two articles was more persuasive? Why?

·         Has your opinion changed after reading the articles? Why or why not?

·         What type of information and research would you need to change your opinion if it did not change?

Cite your references.

Format your responses consistent with APA guidelines.

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Health Outcomes
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Health OutcomesHealth OutcomesHealth OutcomesHealth Outc...
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