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Analyze the ways in which government and religion interact with each other

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Select a country from the following list and research


Select a country from the following list and research the political history and the religious history of the country from the last twenty years:

·         Japan

·         North Korea

·         Iraq

·         Syria

·         Afghanistan

·         Egypt

Write an essay in which you include the following:

·         Analyze the ways in which government and religion interact with each other. What influence does one have over the other? Please provide two specific examples.

·         Discuss the significance of religion and government on other characteristics of the country’s culture such as in literature, music, and art. Please provide two specific examples.

o    What influences and impacts of religion and politics do you see on the  social and business aspect of the country? Please provide two specific examples. 

·         How do you think recent events affecting the people of the country have their roots in what you have learned about historical cultural trends in religion and government? 

You must research using two sources from the AIU library and one scholarly source from the internet.  You must use APA reference and citation format, for the sources you use to support the explanations and arguments.



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[Solved] Analyze the ways in which government and religion interact with each other

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The administration and the religion were indivisible in the old circumstances of Japan. The religion and the administration collaborated from multiple points of view to convey request to the general pu...
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