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PSY 410 Substance-Related Treatment Poster
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PSY 410 Substance-Related Treatment Poster


You are designing a poster or flyer to be hung up in a local high school to educate students on the dangers of substance abuse. Create an eye-catching poster or flyer about substance abuse in general or focus in on a specific type of substance abuse. Include the following: Explains the criteria for substance abuse Discuss reasons people use and rates of teen substance use Share some dangers related to substance abuse Describe at least 2 treatment options that are available Include a minimum of two peer-reviewed sources. Cite throughout and include full references at the bottom of the poster. (See examples provided in the attachment of what a poster/flyer could look like).



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PSY 410 Substance-Related Treatment Poster
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• Throughout this PowerPoint I will be presenting a detailed presentation and describing treatment plans and treatments options that a...
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