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Homeland security DHS and Points of DOD Involvement
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homeland security DHS and Points of DOD Involvement

Command and Control in the Homeland (C2)

What is meant by a bottom-up approach? Shouldn’t those with more knowledge and authority be in command?

Four C2 options are available to our military and civilian leadership. What are they? Paraphrase. Give example of each.

Department of Defense Support to Domestic Incidents

At what point would the military be involved in a terrorist attack? Give example. Use citations to back up your statements.

DHS Website: Locate the Five Homeland Security Missions. Which mission(s) would DOD be involved? Give examples.




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Homeland security DHS and Points of DOD Involvement
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U.S DEPARTMENT OF HOMELAND SECURITY (DHS) CASE Introduction U.S Department of Homeland Security plays a significant role in ensuring that public security in United States is highly enhanced. The department aims at ensuring border security ...
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