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You are the Information Security Offi
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W3 Lab: "Prohibited Use"


You are the Information Security Officer of Mahtmarg Manufacturing a small manufacturing company worth approximately $5 Million who provides fiber cable to local businesses, individual customers and to government organizations. In the course of the next eight weeks you will be creating your Information Security Plan (Issue-Specific Security Policy in Table 4-3 of the textbook) step by step using this scenario.

Your Task

Step 3: Develop the Prohibited Use section of your ISP

In this week’s Lab you will develop the section on Prohibited Use of your company’s information system (IS) in the Information Security Plan to include:

Prohibition of illegal conduct

System and Network Activity restrictions

Copyright infringement

Proprietary information disclosure

Unauthorized use for personal business

Malicious programs

Account disclosure

Email and Communication Activity restrictions

Unsolicited emails


Chain letters


Blogging and Social Media Activity restrictions

Representation of the company on blogs or social media

Separation of personal and professional comments

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You are the Information Security Offi
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