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American Civil War
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American Civil War

Question 1:  Other than Gettysburg or Vicksburg, make an argument for the single event you deem the most significant to the legacy of the American Civil War on reforms that are present in today's American Society, and explain your choice.  You may choose from political, military, economic, or social impact.  Your choice should include setting, timeline, major figures, catalysts, outcomes, and statistics (if a battle).  More than just a recap, this needs to explain why this is still significant today and use evidence from the past to talk about the present.  Your response must be at least 300 words in length.

Question 2:  Introduce the debate surrounding abolition vs. equality and how it led to the American Civil War.  Why were there significant fears about the impact of freed slaves in the North?  Who had the most to win/lose?  Your response must be at least 200 words in length.

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American Civil War
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American Civil War Q1. Balance of Forces The coming of Civil War confronted the philosophy of Victorians that had distinct lives of both males as well as female. In various parts of America, the war enforced female into civic life in conduct they could hardly imagine a cohort before. During the ancients’ days before Civil War, women’s lives were historical a set of thoughts. However, men worked away from home, to shops, office as well as factories thereby; for household activities, women were devoted to cleaning as well as nurturing the homes without involving men (Ali, 2012). During the warfare, nevertheless, American female curved their full concentration to humanity external the home. Several females volunteered to work in community services as nurses thus; creating an American history where women first participated in a vital position in the combat endeavor. By the end of the Civil, the familiarity had already increased Americans definition of independence. Civil War opened an important platform for w...
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