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Parenting Today – Bullying Discuss the issue
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Parenting Today – Bullying Discuss the issue

Discuss the issue of bullying today from several perspectives,i.e. How do genders bully differently? What ages are most susceptible? What are the typical characteristics of bullies? victims? What roles do students play that contribute to this problem in schools? How can schools best deal with bullying.?And finally, what can parents do to protect their children from cyberbullying and to prevent their children from becoming cyberbullies? Support your bullying discussion with online research.

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Parenting Today – Bullying Discuss the issue
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Different genders bully differently.In the case where males are involved,bullying tends to be more severe than that of males.Males will go to the extent of getting physical with the victims whereas female bullying may at times only involve verbal commands.Stude...
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