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Communications for Managers
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Communications for Managers

M2A2 – Communication Bad News: Write a 1-2-page paper (in a memo format). Based on the given scenario, you as an assistant to the company’s chairperson, will draft two memos for the chairperson. One memo should address the board of directors and the other for the company’s employees. Both memos shouldn’t be the same, so utilize the tips in this module readings to write suitable memos addressing both the board of directors and employees to convey the bad news. Read the case scenario and follow the instructions carefully. This assignment is due by Wednesday, June 21, 2017.  

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Communications for Managers
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Principles of Management Communications The principles of the management communications are the most important phenomenon in an organization to achieve its goals effectively and efficiently. Management communications are also very helpful to increase efficiency of the work culture of the organization in an effective manner (Spaho, 2013). Further, management communications are not only effective to increase productivity of the organi...
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