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The nursing field requires professionals to ...
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The nursing field requires professionals to be committed to life-long learning and growth. Because a large part of this learning and growth is achieved through clinical experiences, it is invaluable for advanced practice nurses to be able to apply knowledge recently gained from clinical experiences to new situations. By collaborating with colleagues and sharing these experiences and knowledge, advanced practice nurses can further enhance their professional competency.

This week in order to demonstrate collaborative learning; discuss a situation in your acute hospital experience of a collaboration that occurred. Reflect on the experience and the impact it had on your care of this patient. How will this experience possibly impact you in your future practice with these type of patients? What are some limitations and challenges you encountered during this clinical experience?

To prepare:

·         Reflect on this week’s clinical experiences.

·         Consider one limitation or challenge you encountered.

·         Think about how you overcame this limitation or challenge and how this might impact your future practice in acute care settings.

Post a description of at least one limitation or challenge you encountered during your clinical experience this week. Explain how you overcame this limitation or challenge and how this might impact your future practice.




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All of the following groups of medications are commonly prescribed in the acute care setting. Choose one of the topics below to discuss. If it is a medication group, select a specific drug within that group. (This is a good way to prepare for clinical practice, because you will get to know the drugs you will prescribe for patients.). Focus your discussion on the hospital or ICU setting and IV usage.


My choosen drug


·         Kytril



For this Discussion, address 1 of the following options:


Option 1

Post a description of a patient you have taken care of (inpatient as an RN, or as an NP student) who has been prescribed the medication you selected. Include the scenario, indication, dosing, complications, and outcome. Then explain whether or not you would have ordered the same drug and same dose.

Option 2

Conduct an evidence-based drug search on the drug you selected and post an explanation of any possible issues. Are there any drug interactions? Any black box warnings? To what type of patient would you prescribe this medication?

Option 3

Post an explanation of the properties of the drug you selected, including usages and dosing in the hospital or ICU. Describe a patient to whom you would prescribe this medication


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The nursing field requires professionals to ...
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