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Assignment 6 - Big Integers | Complete Solution
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To complete this module you should complete the Module Six Quiz and finish Assignment Six (below). Post your Muddiest Point for this module to Piazza (remember to tag it with the correct module), this should be something in the content you don't feel confident you completely understand.

To gain experience of using STL containers and iterators.
Project Description
Modify the BigInt class by
•    adding the > operation to determine whether one BigInt object is bigger than another.
•    adding the subtraction operation - to class BigInt: int1 - int2 which should return 0 if int1 is less than int2.
•    (Bonus) adding the multiplication operation * to class BigInt.
Download files:
BigInt.h  , BigInt.cpp   -- for your modification.
proj6test.cpp   -- for testing your modified BigInt class (DO NOT modify this file!).
Sample Run
Upload your source code files (upload - do NOT zip them! - your two source files: BigInt.h and BigInt.cpp) below.
Grading Policy
(30 points) Grading of this programming assignments will reflect two factors, weighted as shown.
Correctness -- Does the program run correctly and follow the requirements? (25 points)
Style -- Does the code follow the Documentation and Submission Guidelines? Is the code well structured, readable? Do you paste your output as the comment after the main function? (5 points )
Bonus Question -- (10 points)

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Assignment 6 - Big Integers | Complete Solution
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