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PSYC 355 Lab Project Phase 3 | Complete Solution
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Lab Project Phase 3: SPSS Output Instructions

After completing Phase 2 of the Lab Project, you now have 2 important variables in relation to your research question: a score representing understanding of Christian doctrine, and a variable representing amount of church attendance. It is time for you to decide how to analyze the data! Think about what the research question is asking, and think about your 2 important variables. Then think about the methods that you have learned over the past several weeks. Which statistical test is the best choice for this particular situation? There is a “right” answer to this question, so think carefully and review your text and notes if necessary.


Once you have decided on which test is the best, you can run the analysis just as you did in your SPSS homework assignments. You are required to turn in the output file for your analysis and the related SPSS generated graph (also covered in SPSS homework assignments). You do not need to interpret these results, as this will be done in Phase 4 (APA Results section).


Refer to the “Lab Project Overview and Instructions” in addition to this document when completing this phase.


Submit this assignment by 11:59 p.m. (ET) on Monday of Module/Week 6.

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PSYC 355 Lab Project Phase 3 | Complete Solution
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Table 2 contains the correlation matrix for the amount of church attendance (Q10...
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