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CheckPoint Collaborative Fund-raising Activity
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CheckPoint Collaborative Fund-raising Activity


Consider the following scenario in your assigned discussion group: Phoenix Homeless Agency (PHA) needs funds to continue providing job counseling to qualifying recipients.


Discuss with your assigned group how nontraditional sources of funding might be used to solve the funding problem for the PHA. Be creative.


Determine the strategies from your discussion group that you feel solves the funding needs for PHA the best.


Write a 200- to 300-word summary detailing the three fund-raising strategies you employ.


Post your final answer as a Microsoft® Word attachment.

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CheckPoint Collaborative Fund-raising Activity
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Collaborative Fund-Raising Activity Nontraditional sources of funding, I think would be to commercial venture. Organizations could offer it administrations to individuals who can pay for them. Endowment project have individuals leaving cash to the association in their will. Partiality promoting a store would it be able to its clients that they will put a certain bit of their benefit towards the organization could sell it services to people who can pay for them. Bequest...
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