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CMIT425 GAI Risk Assessment Case Study | Complete Solution
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  •  Identify and describe the organizational authentication technology and network security issues.
  •  Make a list of access points internal and external (remote).
  •  Design a secure authentication technology and network security for GAI.
  •  Make assumptions for any unknown facts.
  •  List all known vulnerabilities you can identify in this environment and address them by proposing a new design. You may use any combination of technologies to harden authentication process and network security measures.
  • Address the CEO’s concern over the mobility security and design a secure mobile computing (smart phones, tablets, laptops, etc.) in terms of authentication technologies and data protection.
  • Identify wireless vulnerabilities and recommend what safeguards, authentication technologies, and network security to protect data should be implemented.
  • Design a cloud computing environment for the company with a secure means of data protection at rest, in motion and in process.

Risk Assessment Paper Rubric
You are given a fictional scenario above describing security issues affecting organizational assets. You will identify the risks associated with the assets, and recommend mitigating procedures. You will prepare a quantitative / qualitative risk assessment to address risk factors on organizational assets. Your final paper will be 15–25 pages long in a Word document and will be graded using the following rubric.

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CMIT425 GAI Risk Assessment Case Study | Complete Solution
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A risk assessment is the procedure of identify and prioritizing risk to the business. The measurement of risk assessment is crucial. Lacking an assessment, it is not possible to design good quality security policies as w...
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